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The main styles of our glass fabrics are 7628,2116 and 1080. In addition to the three glass styles, new products can be developed to meet customers' needs.
Electronic grade glass fabrics are the major raw material for copper clad laminates.
The characteristics of Nan Ya glass fabrics are as follows :

The surface of Nan Ya glass fabrics is finished with high-performance cationic amino silane, which has good bonding strength with epoxy resin and also can increase CCL's heat resistance and good anti-measling character.
Even control in the tension of fabrics' surface, tensile strength, andconstruction to increase dimensional stability and drilling capability.
Low bow and twist reduce warpage.
Big roll with low ratio of splices to increase production yield.

Apart from high quality products, we also provide comprehensive after sales services to solve your technical problems in using our products.

7628, 2116,1080
2112, 1506
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