Dedicated To The Senses.

Each Eisenmann exhaust product combines the latest in technology with handmade, top-quality craftsmanship. The result is an exhaust that fascinates the senses with its performance, style, and sound. 

Eisenmann exhausts elevate the driving experience to a whole new level. 

From the various choices of tip styles and performance levels, purchasing and experiencing an Eisenmann exhaust is truly one of the most gratifying aspects of owning a European vehicle.


New Stuttgart Solutions For New Global Standards
Achieving perfection is never easy, but each Eisenmann exhaust is the result of this quest. 

Combining decades of experience, innovative product development and the most modern fabrication techniques, the outcome is nothing less than a world-class, top-quality exhaust system. 

Great diligence is essential in striving for perfection. Eisenmann utilizes the latest in CAD/CAM graphics and simulation designing technology for development and prototyping in order to swiftly meet the demand for new automobile models. 

The newest in laser CNC machining and sheet metal processing centers ensure that the fabrication of each exhaust is only of the highest quality. To this end, Eisenmann is approved and has earned DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for quality. Furthermore, all exhausts are constructed of 100% lightweight stainless steel to make certain that your Eisenmann exhaust will last and be enjoyed for many years. 

Optimal Performance For Your Vehicle

From the beginning, every Eisenmann exhaust is designed with one main focus - Performance. Consequently, a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, internal combustion engine dynamics, and fluid flow mechanics and how these principles interact and can be altered to improve engine performance is critical. 

The design of each system takes into account the vehicle layout, motor type and displacement, and operating range and conditions. Every component of the exhaust system, from the tubing shape and size to the canister dimensions, is meticulously calculated and optimized for each vehicle. This careful attention to performance increase yields only maximum horsepower and torque gains under all driving conditions. 


Distinctive Styling and Personality

When considering an exhaust for a European car, style, as much as anything else, needs to be given serious consideration. After all, an exhaust should compliment the styling of the vehicle, not degrade it. 

Eisenmann offers exhaust tip styling that accentuates the exterior appearance of the vehicle. Since not everyone preference is identical, depending on the model, there are multiple tip styles and sizes to choose from. You are sure to find exactly the style you are looking for with an Eisenmann exhaust.


Unmistakable Sound For Pleasurable Driving

Achieving a phenomenal but classy sound out of an exhaust is not a trivial task. Experience an Eisenmann exhaust and that exactly what you hear: a phenomenal sound with class. 

Eisenmann exhausts boast a nice, deep, throaty, yet highly refined sound that brings a welcomed sporty enhancement to the driving experience. 

Furthermore, the sound of an Eisenmann exhaust is dynamic - the more spirited the driver, the more spirited the sound. 


This means that the exhaust really sings under heavy acceleration, yet maintains the integrity of the car in normal driving circumstances. With an Eisenmann exhaust system, you know exactly what your car should have sounded like from the factory.


Motor Sport Technology

Eisenmann particular attention to performance gain and quality has been our foundation for relationships with highly successful racing teams like Porsche Exclusive and Meisterschaft. Eisenmann boasts prominent relationships with both national and international motor sport teams. These enduring relationships authenticate Eisenmann commitment to providing premier exhaust systems. The dedication to excellence that is delivered to championship teams around the world is inherent in every system Eisenmann produces.

Innovation Into The Future

Eisenmann has already proved itself in the past, but we keep our mind set on the future. The reputation of Eisenmann today is the result of immeasurable attitude towards building only the best exhaust system possible. This attitude and commitment will drive us to continue providing world-class exhaust systems with the unmistakable performance, style, and sound that has come to be known only as Eisenmann. 



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