Your Global Link

The founding of Emerdax Corporation, like the founder and world traveler himself John C. Lin, is a relentless effort to bridge global business between East and West.

Emerdax Corporation mission is simple. Create a business environment where everyone involved is a beneficiary. Whether your industry is Electronics, Construction or Automotive, our constant strive to build a long-term win-win business relationship have won us assurance and trust from around the world. 

With our vast international experience and a highly regarded management and sales team, we are keen on providing great service not only to our customers, but our partners as well. In the era of the Internet, reality and trust are sometime manipulated and disguised. What you see may not be what you get.

At Emerdax, we understand these concerns. This is why multinational corporations have depended on us to minimize their risks and built a trustworthy partnership over time.

Working in different time zones, our subsidiaries and business network throughout Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Boston, and Geneva, offer around the world and around the clock service to you.

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